A fresh start for Montesano


Vini Elizabeth Samuel

MONTESANO—Local attorney and former mayor pro tem Vini Elizabeth Samuel will run for mayor this year.

“The citizens of Montesano need better,” said Samuel. “There’s no reason to have TV trucks from Seattle camped outside our city hall, or to waste hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on lawsuits and rabbit holes. It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to rebuild the trust between city employees, management and city council and with the public. Let’s get back to business and get things done for the good people of our town.”

Samuel served on the city council for eight years. During that time, she restarted the Festival of People and rewrote the city’s development codes, with reforms such as sidewalks for new construction.

“We live in a great little town, and by working together, we can make it even better for our families and local businesses,” Samuel said. “Business owners and citizens are right to want stability in our government and better infrastructure. We can do a better job of filling up vacant storefronts and encouraging people to start new small businesses. It simply takes creativity and a willingness to work with others.”

Samuel said she’s filed paperwork with the PDC to start a campaign. The chair of her election committee is Candi Bachtell and the campaign contact information is vini4mayor@gmail.com and 360-637-4992.

Samuel is on Western Washington University’s Alumni Board, member at the Montesano Church of God, an Aberdeen Rotarian and the former chair of the Grays Harbor Democrats. She owns her own law practice downtown, a block from city hall, and lives in Montesano with her husband and son.

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P.S. I’ve done the paperwork with the PDC and am raising funds to run a strong campaign. Donations, whether it’s $5 or $50, are very appreciated. Working together, we can make Montesano a better place.

Donate to Vini4Mayor

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